Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Couple of Larger Plein Airs

Our plein air group returned to the beautiful little village of Clonegal, Co Carlow yesterday, partly because it is such a beautiful location, but also because Ireland's main TV station was doing a piece on us for an upcoming show. Yours truly, being a modest fellow, shunned the camera and basically hid in the bushes, but they may have caught me munching on a sandwich at lunch! It was an overcast, but dry and calm day, so I decided to go for my seasonal larger plein airs. The driveway up to the castle still looked impressive in the overcast conditions, so I did that first, adding a few figures for interest.

Towards the Castle, Clonegal
(16" x 20" oil on Canvas)

In the afternoon most of us went up to the main gardens in Huntington Castle. The sun made an effort to peep through so I went for a sort of non-directional hazy light effect with my second. I must find out why there is something that obviously housed a bell on top of what is now just a shed at the back of the castle. Regardless, it was the colour on the roof that caught my eye here.

Wild Flowers, Huntington Castle Estate, Clonegal
(18" x 14" Oil on Canvas)

Here are a couple of photos of both scenes:-


Prerana said...

Both are really nice. I liked the Wild flower one better. I like the way you add/remove some elements from your painting compared to the original picture. Also lots of light and softness is added at relavant places.

Michael McGuire said...

I think that one is my personal favourite too, Prerana.

Nick G. Swift said...

Wonderful job achieving the effect of distance. Beautiful pastel color and open strokes. The off-center white daylight is strong. Great job.

Warm regards,