Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow and sun at last!

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to my followers on this blog.

I hadn't done any plein air work for a few weeks and was determined to get out some time over the holiday season. However, I finally struck gold yesterday with a combination of snow and bright sunshine - I've been waiting for these conditions for a number of years. I didn't have to go any further than the fence at the back of my garden, since everything looks great in the snow. So here is my first ever plein air snow painting.

Kevin's Field
(11" x 14" Oil on Board)

Here is a photo of the scene taken before I started:-


rob ijbema said...

all you need is a magpie on that gate mone err michael!
wonderful blue and
lovely sunkissed snow

Michael McGuire said...

Thanks Rob. I did have a "La Pie" moment, but thought better of it - we are definitely on the same wavelength! A very Happy New Year to you and yours my friend.

Jan Yates, SCA said...

really like the atmospheric quality of this writing from Canada--lots of snow too. and yes, am also crazy enough to 'brave the elements!--really like the colour reflections as well--

Michael McGuire said...

Thanks for looking and commenting, Jan. You presumably see a lot of the white stuff where you live. It's all gone here now and while the painter in me is sad to see it go, it's great to have the country back to normal again. Everything just grinds to a halt here even after a couple of inches of snow!