Monday, December 14, 2009

December Morning, Enniscorthy

A few brave souls, including me, braved the elements to go painting plein air yesterday. I was immediately drawn to this backlit scene and only walked about 100 yards from my car. The striking building in silhouette is St Senan's Hospital. I figured I could paint this one quickly, despite having a larger canvas than I normally use for plein air work. It was close to freezing when I started so I hadn't planned on standing there for too long. I was actually already fairly pleased with the painting at block-in stage below:-

After about another hour or so (approx and hour and twenty minutes in total), I decided the painting was finished:-


Mick Carney said...

You've caught some lovely light rimming the clouds and the impact that that has on the rest of piece is influential in establishing the truth of the scene. More great work.

Michael McGuire said...

Thanks Mick. I still feel that the sky nearest the horizon, just behind the building could be a little lighter in value and more yellow. It's an easy and quick fix and easily corrected if it doesn't work. What do you think?

Mick Carney said...

I think that it should be done with some delicacy. The problem would be increasing the value contrast above and below the cloud. As I squint at it and envisage the change I see a potential problem with the sky on the right of the picture. Admittedly this judgement is in ignorance of how the piece looks in the flesh. Tread carefully, but I'm sure you will and you are always thoughtful about such matters.