Monday, May 21, 2012

Carne Paint-Out

I went down to Carne Pier yesteday to paint with a few friends. It was an overcast day in Wexford, but Carne has a sort of micro-climate which often leads to clear skies down there. Yesterday was no exception - we were blessed with a day of warm sunshine and clear blue skies. I walked about a mile down the coast for my first one. I had painted in that particular spot a couple of years ago and had a fair idea that the sun would be where I wanted it at that time of morning.

Sunlit Rocks, Carne
(14" x 11" Oil on Board)

I decided to try something totally different for my second, and liked the challenge of capturing the semi-transparent windows in these backlit greenhouses.

Greenhouses, Carne
(11" x 14" Oil on Board)

These are photos of both scenes, taken before I started painting:-


Mick Carney said...

Lovely infusion of colour. Usual quality work.

Michael McGuire said...

Thanks Mick. Hopefully, we gets lots of days like that one this year summer.