Monday, April 2, 2012

Painting at Duncannon

A rather cold, cloudy spring morning, but the brave/foolhardy among us decided to go to the seaside village of Duncannon for a paint-out! It's a rather picturesque place, once you look beyond the hideous apartment block right on the beach, and also has a very interesting fortress dating right back to the 16th century (constructed by the Birtish in anticipation of a Spanish invasion). The light was mostly flat and fairly boring in the morning, but the sun made some effort to come through occasionally, so I gave it a little help by warming up my first painting a little, while not implying direct sunlight.

Spring Morning, Duncannon
(11" x 14" Oil on Board)

The sun came out for about half an hour in the afternoon, so I got drawn instantly to this "contre jour"view of the other side of the fort. Since it got cloudy again fairly quickly, I had to rely quite a lot on memory and guesswork to complete the painting!

Afternoon Light, Duncannon
(12" x 12" Oil on Board)

These are photos of both scenes, taken before I started:-


Mick Carney said...

You're in a rich vein of form at the moment. I may not be commenting each time but I'm still getting a lot of pleasure from them.

Michael McGuire said...

Thanks Mick. I know a lot of people read the blog and never comment, so I'll forgive you! But joking aside, I also post a lot of my stuff on Facebook (well, if you can't beat them .....!)and get a lot of feedback there.