Monday, July 25, 2011

"Art in the Open" Begins!

Yesterday's paint-out to the riverside town of New Ross marked the beginning of our annual plein air festival. Now in its fourth year, it has just gotten bigger and bigger. We already have almost 100 pre-registered on line and the main festival competition doesn't begin until Friday! This year we will have some 12-15 international artists which will add tremendously to the festival.

Yesterday's paint-out was a relatively low-key affair, but there were still approximately twenty of us. I stuck to the obvious (for me!), choosing two riverside subjects. The first show the replica "Dunbrody Famine Ship" in the background, now a permanent visitors attraction. The original Dunbrody would have brought the unfortunate, or perhaps, the more fortunate famine victims in search of another chance at life in the USA. Still many would have died en route on these voyages, probably mainly from famine related illnesses such as typhoid fever. While I painted the boat, my painting interest was the left foreground area with the striking reflections. It was quite a dull, but warm and humid morning.

Morning Reflections, New Ross
(14" x 11" Oil on Board)

It brightened up a little in the afternoon, but it still remained mostly cloudy. This permanent fixture on the quayside provided some welcome colour. The owner runs frequent river tours daily on a separate boat which is usually moored to the outside of "The Galley". I considered painting both boats from the other side, but thought better of it, having been victim to disappearing boat syndrome on a number of occasions!

"The Galley", New Ross
(11" x 14" Oil on Board)

Here are photos of both scenes, taken before I started:-

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Mick Carney said...

Next year I am instructing the next generation of my family that there are to be no weddings at this time of year. One day I'll make it.

More enjoyable pictures from yourself. Hope the whole weekend goes well.