Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Day in the Country

I was lucky enough to get out to paint with two friends yesterday (thanks Margaret for the local knowledge and bringing us I to places I'd never have found!). Very humid and cloudy in the morning, cleared to hazy sunshine by afternoon. These were my two efforts:-

Down Towards The Barrow, Dunganstown
(14" x 18" oil on Canvas)

Low Tide, Dunganstown
(12" x 16" Oil on Canvas)

Here are a couple of photos of both scenes:-

Monday, May 17, 2010

Two Small Ones

I painted with a friend on Saturday and got these two done in about three hours. It was mostly cloudy for the first one, but the sun came out in the afternoon. Trust me to get the opportunity to paint in a beautiful arboretum (John F Kennedy Park) and just paint bluebells and a puddle!

(12" x 10" Oil on Canvas)

Pond Reflections
(12" x 10" Oil on Canvas)

Here are a couple of photos of the scenes:-

Monday, May 10, 2010

St Mullins Paint-Out

We had a very enjoyable group paint-out at the beautiful village of St Mullins, Co Carlow yesterday. Lovely bright sunshine in the morning, but clouded over after lunch. We were lucky to be out of the unseasonably cold Northerly wind at our sheltered spot down by the River Barrow. With some 23 artists and as many if not more fishermen, the place had a real festival air for the day. I did this painting in the morning, one of those scenes that demanded to be painted, but I had to work fast to catch the light on the distant rapids before the tide came in (the river is tidal here and everything can change very quickly).

Morning Glow, St Mullins
(14" x 18" Oil on Canvas)

I took this photo of the scene before I started - I'm always amazed at just how little colour the camera captures:-

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Sunshine, Near Blainroe

I painted this one yesterday just behind Blainroe Golf Course, while my wife played in a four-ball. It was a beautiful sunny day, but with a cold Northerly wind. I was going to do another, but a combination of hunger and fear of being struck by an errant golf ball conspired against me! Smaller than usual for me lately, just 10" x 12".

This is a photo of the scene, taken before I started:-