Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Sunshine, Near Blainroe

I painted this one yesterday just behind Blainroe Golf Course, while my wife played in a four-ball. It was a beautiful sunny day, but with a cold Northerly wind. I was going to do another, but a combination of hunger and fear of being struck by an errant golf ball conspired against me! Smaller than usual for me lately, just 10" x 12".

This is a photo of the scene, taken before I started:-


Mick Carney said...

This is one where the facility of being able to see a larger image is of great benefit. Your brushwork and subtle shifts in colour in the rocks and sea are a real pleasure to study. Do you make your colour mixes up before you start painting or produce them as you go?

Michael McGuire said...

Thanks Mick. No, I produce whatever colour I feel is necessary only when I need it. But as I proceed, I occasionally dip back into previously mixed paint to make up new mixes.