Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brittany Trip

I haven't posted for a while, mainly because, for various reasons, I hadn't painted for a few weeks, but also on the plus side I've just returned from a week painting in Brittany (North West France). And what a week that proved to be. I went there to meet up with the prestigious Wapping Group on one of their annual painting trips to France and had the pleasure to paint with some very renowned painters, including none other than Trevor Chamberlain! Anyway here are some of my efforts:-

Summer Afternoon, The Promenade, Dinard
(12" x 16" Oil on Canvas)

Showery Morning, Cancale
(12" x 16" Oil on Canvas)

Low Tide, Cancale
(12" x 10" Oil on Canvas)

Here are some photos of the scenes:-


Mick Carney said...

We can add these to the fine set of pictures posted by Michael Richardson, what a productive week you guys had. These are an interesting mix of your most frequently painted type of subject and the buildings that have been visiting your work for this last while. Both types of picture are beautifully worked and this sample is indicative of the high standards you set yourself.They also speak of the confidence you have in your technique and ability to envision the scene in front of you on canvas with the stamp that says this a 'McGuire'.

Michael McGuire said...

Thank Mick. But the week was quite humbling in many ways. Around every corner you just happened upon yet anpther artist producing amazing work. My personal "bar" has certainly been raised as a resulton.

BTW, I just sent you another PM on Wetcanvas regarding accommodation in Wexford.

Michael McGuire said...

Sorry for the typos. My keyboard has gone a little jumpy lately!