Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Solo Exhibition, Cedars Hotel, Rosslare

I decided to generate some interest in this exhibition by painting in the lobby of the hotel occasionally. I've been working on a fairly large (20" x 24") painting, based on a small plein air study I did in West Kerry last summer (that was the last week of April - the monsoon season set in after that!).

This is where I got to after my first session (approx 3 hours):-

And (after spending most of the afternoon talking!), this is where I got last week (about another hour or so working on the background):-
And this is where I got to this afternoon, after about another two hours or so. Thanks to everyone who cam along to watch. Painting, especially studio work can be a very solitary experience, so it was nice to have company for a change. The colour has come a little too warm in this photo - the true colour is somewhere between this and last week's image.

I'll either finish this next time, or start something else - won't be able to make it next Wednesday, so probably Wednesday 19th September then.