Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Solo Exhibition, Cedars Hotel, Rosslare

I decided to generate some interest in this exhibition by painting in the lobby of the hotel occasionally. I've been working on a fairly large (20" x 24") painting, based on a small plein air study I did in West Kerry last summer (that was the last week of April - the monsoon season set in after that!).

This is where I got to after my first session (approx 3 hours):-

And (after spending most of the afternoon talking!), this is where I got last week (about another hour or so working on the background):-
And this is where I got to this afternoon, after about another two hours or so. Thanks to everyone who cam along to watch. Painting, especially studio work can be a very solitary experience, so it was nice to have company for a change. The colour has come a little too warm in this photo - the true colour is somewhere between this and last week's image.

I'll either finish this next time, or start something else - won't be able to make it next Wednesday, so probably Wednesday 19th September then.



Ron Guthrie said...

Very nice work on this one too Michael. Cool news about the show at the hotel. I'm sure lookyloos can talk it up when you are trying to work but a good schmoozing can go a long way sometimes...and like you say, it does get lonely in the studio at times. Good luck in the show. Love the atmosphere in this one.

Michael McGuire said...

Thanks Ron. The show didn't go that well, unfortunately, but I did sell some paintings in the gallery up the road during it, so maybe my "live performance" paid off!