Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another Street Scene

I painted on the street again on Wednesday. Thankfully, a much better afternoon than the previous Friday. Hopefully I caught something of the festive atmosphere, albeit against an autumnal sky.

Autumn Light, Wexford
(14" x 11 Oil on Canvas)


rob ijbema said...

i know where that is!
very dramatic light michael
the people make it come alive
hope youre show was a good one!

Michael McGuire said...

Thanks Rob. It got a bit better today! Closes tomorrow and still some prospects.

Prerana said...

This piece came out really nice. I like the overall light and the light effects on the people - specially on the person at the very end with most light. Hope you had a good sale.

Michael McGuire said...

Thanks Prerana. I still find these scenes quite difficult, but I've been doing life drawing for a couple of years now and I think that is helping me to paint figures with believable gestures. Yes, thanks to a couple of late sales of larger pieces, the show went a lot better than might have been.

Prerana said...

Hi Michael, I read on your blog that you took workshops with Artist Susan Sarback. There is one color intensive workshop in Jan and I wish I could go. Before making a decision though I wanted to get some feedback about your expereince. I am quite a beginner in Oil painting and I was wondering if taking her workshop will be useful for me!

Michael McGuire said...

I did one of those "colour intensive" workshops about 5-6 years ago. It is based around simple still lifes lit with halogen lamps. It works very well as a means of teaching her painting principles.

You should have no worries regarding your skill level. At the workshop I attended there was a huge variation in skill level among the participants and no one felt remotely out of place. Susan is a really nice person and makes everyone feel comfortable right away.