Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Blustery Day at the Seaside

It was a typical autumnal day here yesterday, cool, windy and with a constant threat of showers. Perfect plein air weather then! Especially if you're crazy enough to go to an exposed seaside location! Fortunately, there was only one shower all day, but it was very windy, particularly down at Hook Head where I started. It was bordering on being impossible to paint, but I stuck with it, because I liked this dramatic frontlit scene, even if the light kept changing every few minutes.

Showery Autumn Morning, Hook Head
(10" x 12" Oil On Canvas)

I moved up the coast a few miles where it was less windy and was really struck by the dramatic backlight on these cliffs overlooking Carnivan Bay.

Autumn Afternoon, Carnivan Bay
(10" x 12" Oil on Canvas)

Finally, I walked to the far end of Carnivan Beach and did this "contre jour" one looking South West towards Hook Head.

Autumn Evening, Carnivan Beach
(10" x 12" Oil on Canvas)

Here are some photos of the scenes:-

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