Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bright Spring Day at Baginbun Head

We have some lovely spring weather at the moment and when the overnight frost clears the days are quite sunny and pleasant. The humidity is also extremely low, which makes for some great light. I decided to try painting at the seaside, expecting to see some vivid colour, and I wasn't disappointed.

I started painting at 11-00 am, but within a few minutes, it clouded over. Frustratingly, the patch of cloud took almost an hour to clear, but I waited and finished the painting when the sun came out again. Here is the block-in, the finished painting and a photo of the scene:-

I did another one in the afternoon, by which time the sea had this extraordinary turquoise colour. Here is the finished painting and a photo of the scene (I forgot to take a photo of the block-in):-

Both paintings are 14" x 18" oil on canvas, a little larger than my usual plein airs. Strangely, it didn't take any longer than usual. Expect larger to come!


Mick Carney said...

Another great post. I've missed these on my recent travels and now that I'm back the lessons you provide along with another couple of cracking images will keep me thinking as I get back into the swing.

Michael McGuire said...

Great to see you back and thanks for commenting, Mick. Sounds like you had the trip of a lifetime (I had a quick look at your blog).